Founded in 1832
Time-honored soy sauce

In this era of mass production and fast fermentation of both soy sauce and bean paste, Aritaya has been using traditional “natural fermentation method” and also making new attempts to produce better soy sauce for more than one hundred eighty years.
Closely looking to see what happens to soy beans, wheat, salt, water, and microorganisms such as yeast and lactic acid, we will continue to be serious about fermentation.

About us

“For what it is” is a spirit of Aritaya.

Joshu Annaka prospered as a port town along the Nakasen-do Road in the Edo period and was known as a place of scenic beauty. Beautiful mountains and clear waters of the rivers gave us Joshu’s rich climate and God’s gift suitable for soy sauce fermentation.

Aritaya was founded in 1832 in Joshu Annaka. Since then, for more than 180 years, we have continued to make soy sauce with our traditional natural fermentation process. Taste passed on and will be passed on for generations. We maintain the tradition and are making new attempts to pass down the taste of soy sauce for what it is.

We are piling up efforts to maintain the taste of the Japanese heart or the real taste of soy sauce.

The family head of Aritaya.

History of Aritaya

Aritaya has been engaged in production of soy bean paste and soy sauce for more than 180 years since 1832 in Annaka, once a thriving castle town, as a merchant for the former Annaka Domain. The Aritaya Yuasa clan is known not only as a brewery but also as the family producing many persons who had made great contributions to Japan's education, society and culture for three generations of Meiji, Taisho and Showa.

Aritaya's soy sauce fermentation process

Slowly and attentively

We are not at all professional in soy sauce fermentation.

This may sound weird, but soy sauce can't be made by human power alone. Soy sauce is produced through the workings of nature, or the fruit of art created in nature. Closely examined material, microbial activities, Joshu's climate, flow of slow-passing time, all these things are indispensable components of soy sauce. What we can do in the course of soy sauce fermentation is to monitor well-balanced combination of these components with utmost care and we are no more than one part in the process of soy sauce fermentation. Under such philosophy, Aritaya is producing our own soy sauce with a taste of hereditary succession.

"For what it is" It is our brewery’s motto.

Breathing of the moromi

Moromi is constantly breathing. It changes slowly but definitely to become one with nature. One with nature is indispensable to make good-tasting soy sauce. The course to become one with nature mediates different components and gives a rich flavor.
Please listen to the subtle breath. A great deal of effort and love are given to soy sauce for daily use.

Breath sound of the moromi

The process of soy sauce fermentation

Production of soy sauce starts with mixture of soy beans, wheat and malt to make soy sauce malt. The growth of koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) is encouraged on the surfaces of pretreated soy beans and wheat at a controlled temperature and humidity for three days in the incubation room called koji room to make soy sauce malt.

After completion of soy sauce molt, preparations for fermentation are made. Mixture of the finished soy sauce malt and salt solution in the moromi tank is fermented and matured over a few years. During the period, we constantly check the condition of the moromi, keep track of fermentation in progress and stir the contents (punching down) if needed to give the contents an appropriate fermentation environment.

Raw soy sauce, obtained from moromi matured over more than two years, is pasteurized to stop fermentation and to bring out the natural color and flavor of soy sauce.
As the old saying goes, "First koji (malt), second kai (punching down) and third hiire (pasteurization)", these three processes are regarded as the most important and difficult steps. Thus, soy sauce is a pure brewed product through fermentation process as well as sake and wine.


Aritaya's soy sauce is "plain food" making good use of the flavors of seasonal delicacies.

Brilliant reddish shade, rich aroma and mellow taste ...
Naturally brewed soy sauce, which is made over a long period of time and with the greatest care, is natural blessings and brings out the flavors of the seasonal delicacies.
We carefully select materials and spend time to prepare in order to draw out the natural, straightforward and simple tastes of the materials.
Aritaya's soy sauce is fermented in Joshu Annaka, a village with scenic beauty where time flows at a leisurely pace. Please use at table or as a gift for those who have helped you and your beloved friends.

The family head of Aritaya.

  • Revival Fukoku-branded naturally brewed soy sauce

    Starting with selection of materials, we dwelled on the fermentation method and principles to produce “significant soy sauce”. Please enjoy the authentic flavor of soy sauce.

  • Twice brewed soy sauce

    Twice brewing method allows low-sodium soy sauce with rich taste and mellow aroma.

  • Ufufu, soy sauce specially for egg

    Ufufu is the soy sauce specialized for enjoying Japanese egg dishes easily.

Official shop

Aritaya official shop

The shop sells Aritaya's various products.
The monitor in the shop shows Aritaya’s history and how to make soy sauce. Please see during the waiting time for shopping.
The shop has a cafe also. Aritaya's original sweets are sold in the shop. You can eat in the shop. Please feel free to use the eat-in corner.

  • Rice dumpling made by the soy-sauce brewery

    Gunma's first rice dumpling made of newly harvested Koshihikari rice. Dumpling with a flavor of rice is toasted with MSG-free and artificial preservative-free sauce.

  • Rice cracker

    Raw materials are rice and soy sauce only. Yamagata Shonai rice and flavored with three-year twice brewed soy sauce produce the unique taste.

  • Soy sauce flavored Swiss roll

    [Only sold on Saturdays] Fluffy sponge cake wraps soy sauce flavored, fresh custard cream.


If you are motoring, Aritaya’s parking lot is available for visitors. The parking lot is across the street from the shop.
If you come by train, it is 5 minutes by taxi from Annaka Station of the JR Shinetsu line.

Business hours 10:00-17:00
(Monday and public holidays are closed)
2-4-24, Annaka, Annaka City, Gunma Prefecture
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